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5 Of the Best Places to Hang a Chandelier

A beautiful chandelier, statement piece or modern fixture can be hung in more places than a living room. Chandeliers can brighten up any room of a home, but if you want to maximize the beauty of a home try one of these places to make the space stand out. 1. Over the Kitchen Island

Installing an open cage island fixture above the kitchen island will be a statement piece to a modern kitchen. Open cages create an open concept and will draw family and friends into the room. (Fixture via: HOMEnhancements) 2. Over the Bed

Installing a chandelier in a bedroom will create a space of elegance and romance. Adding in a piece like this can make a room feel luxurious yet still simplistic. (Fixture via HOMEnhancements) 3. Over A Breakfast Nook

Try adding a little pizazz to A breakfast nook by installing a simple yet stylish chandelier will be a statement piece making a breakfast nook stand out from all the rest! ( Fixture via HOMEnhancements) 4. An Office Space

Being productive may be a little easier with the ambiance of a well-lit chandelier. Try adding a chandelier to a work space to create an atmosphere of productivity. (via HOMEnhancements) 5. The Entryway

There’s no better way to greet your family at the door than by a beautifully lit chandelier. Adding a chandelier by the entryway will create a glow throughout the halls and even for guests as they walk up to the door. (Fixture via HOMEnhancements) Adding chandeliers in a home takes skill and is a work of art. If you want to maximize on the beauty of your interior design skills, try adding a chandelier in 1 or more of these 5 amazing places to create the ultimate space.

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